1 Rs Coin 1994, Year of Family | 2 Rs Coin 1993, Happy Family | Global Family Day

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To all the Chillar Gyan viewers, Wish You a Very Very Happy New Year 2020. As we have stepped into a new decade of 21st Century, we wish you all success and good health and also hope that journey of Chillar Gyan that started in August 2019 will do wonders in this year 2020 with all your support.

1st January is not just a day of the New Year but international celebrated as 'Global Family Day'. So on this occasion we have picked up the Family Theme based Indian coins to discuss in detail with you all. You will get ot know the complete details and interesting history of 2 Rs Coin 1993 'Small Family Happy Family'. This coin was issued on World Population Day, 1993. World Population Day is observed on 11 July every year.

The second family theme based that we discuss in this video along with its history is the 1 Rs coin 1994 'International Year of the Family'. United Nations declared year 1994 as 'International Year of the Family' and since then every year 15 May is celebrated as 'International Day of Families'. So to promote 'International Year of the Family' in India these 1 Rs coin were issued in 1994. Check out the complete video to have a look on the coins and know the complete details.

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