11 Dark And Ultra-Maniacal Batman Beyond Villains Explained In Detail - 90's Underrated Masterpiece!

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When a new Batman animated show was envisioned back in the late 90s, the Head of Programming at WB wanted a teenage version of the character. However, this posed a problem with the hero’s narrative and character as Bruce Wayne took the mantle of Batman only after he matured into an adult. So, the writers and designers came up with this revolutionary idea of placing Batman in a futuristic Gotham of 2039.
Wayne would transfer his cape and cowl to a teenager who would work under the supervision and tutelage of the old guard. Despite agreeing on this concept with the producers, Bruce Timm freaked out, partly because they wanted the show on air in less than a year. They all hustled to think of an effective storyline that retained the mythology fans knew of and held on to the continuity of other earlier Batman shows of the ’90s.
Finally, as was shown in Batman Beyond’s first episode, it was decided that Bruce Wayne’s Batman would suffer from a mild heart problem, falling to the ground while saving a kidnapped victim. Bruce picks up a gun as a last resort to self-defense, a weapon that went against his ethos and principles, and so he was sure that he is no longer fit to be Batman. Twenty years later, chance has him meet a young boy named Terry McGinnis, whose father was killed by a corporate shark named Derek Powers, wanting to take over Wayne Enterprises. And the rest, as they say, became history. Batman Beyond’s gripping and compelling storyline made it probably the best alternate version of Batman. The evolution of Bruce Wayne as a character in his acceptance of his retirement showed a genius new aspect to the character, as his decision was not just noble but also mature.
With new technology to play with, the creatives worked wonders to give the show a futuristic look and feel. However, one of the greatest contributing factors to Batman Beyond’sincredible legacy is its villains. The villains were well developed and were given storylines and backstories just as grim and heavy as Batman’s own. In this video, we will take you on a trip down the memory lanes of Gotham. So, hop into your Batmobiles and get ready to be thrilled by the young silent guardian and his refreshing enemies.
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