5 MURDER Mysteries You Need To Know About

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5 Murder Mysteries You Need To Know About

Turn on the news and you’ll likely hear someone had been killed or murdered. But not all murders end up on the headlines. In fact, most, never get the attention they deserve. The next five murder cases prove just that. These are 5 Murder Mysteries You Need To Know About.

5. Oakley Kite Jr.

It was May 24, 1994, 53-year old, Oakley “Al” Kite Jr., had failed to show up for work. Although a North Carolina native, he swapped his hometown life to pursue a life in the big city. Soon, he found himself as an accountant for a big-time corporate firm in Aurora, Colorado.

Because suburban Denver isn’t exactly cheap, Al decided to advertise for a tenant - sharing his residence at 2002 South Helena Street. The home was too big for him and he had a basement apartment he left unused.

4. Vanessa Bodden

It was 1989, the Bodden family was getting ready to celebrate the holidays. On December 14th, Vanessa Bodden (19) was sitting at the front porch in her cousin’s home, across from theirs, in New Orleans. Between 8-9 , two neighborhood boys came up and spoke with Vanessa.

3. Stacey Stites

Bastrop County, Texas is an idyllic rural getaway that’s got photogenic pine tree forests where most movies and shows are filmed.

It was the early morning of April 23, 1996, Stacey Stites (19) had failed to show up for her job. Her co-workers know her for being punctual. Despite being young, Stacey was engaged to marry a police officer, Jimmy Fennell. The two had been sharing an apartment. On the morning of her disappearance, she drove Fennell’s red pickup, leaving her home at around 3:30

2. Quadruple Murder

It was November 2, 2015, when four bodies inside a home in Pendleton, South Carolina were discovered. The victims were a married couple, Michael (59) and Cathy Scott (60), along with their mothers, Barbara (80) - Michael’s mother - and Violet Taylor (82) - Cathy’s mother.

1. David Maust

Born in Connelsville, Pennsylvania, David Edward Maust had a rough childhood. His father left his mother when he was 7 years old. Both his parents also had their own issues. Maust’s father was orphaned when he was 12 while his mother was diagnosed as a psychotic. By the time he was 9 years old, his mother had David confined to a mental institution. According to her, David tried to set fire to his younger brother’s bed and also tried to drown him. But the social worker in the case described the mother as being “narcissistic, disturbed, psychotic and needy.” In the end, his mother admitted he simply didn’t want him.
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