A new political crisis in Afghanistan? I Inside Story

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In 2014, their rivalry resulted in a US-brokered deal to share power, which was punctuated by 5 years of bickering.
And now Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah are again disputing an election result.
Ghani is officially the winner - but only just, and that's rejected by Abdullah, who shares power with the president as a chief executive.
He's now threatening to form his own parallel government.
This political showdown couldn't come at a more critical time for Afghanistan.
The and the Taliban appear close to an agreement that could lead to a planned reduction in violence, and if that posture is largely maintained it COULD be a pre-cursor to Afghan politicians sitting opposite the Taliban.
How can any of that happen, until we know: who runs Afghanistan?

Presenter: Peter Dobbie

Tamim Asey, Former Deputy Minister of Defense and the Executive Chairman of The Institute of War and Peace Studies.
Simbal Khan, Political and Security Analyst.

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