Apex Legends Leaked Evolved LTM + Clubs + Respawn Developers Being Overworked?!

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Apex Legends New Evolved LTM + Clubs + Respawn Developers Being Overworked?!

Voidwalker Wraith recoloring by

Hey guys and welcome back to another Apex Legends video! Today I wanted to talk about a few pieces of news in the Apex Scene. First we will be going over the new weapon charms that will be coming out later this fall once Apex drops on Steam.

We also have some news on the next limited time game mode that is most likely coming to Apex. Always Be Closing will be making a return this time featuring Evo Shields! I am super excited for this game mode and it will most likely be coming out before Season 6 drops!

Finally I wanted to go over a very negative glassdoor review that was left by someone who works at Respawn Entertainment. This perso gave a very negative review of the company saying that they have almost no free time anymore due to the strict schedule for content that Apex Legends is trying to follow.

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