ASAMI AND MAKO AGAIN!? | Legend of Korra Reaction | Book 2, Chapter 6, "The Sting"

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With Korra swallowed by a spirit monster, Mako and Asami work together to take down the people responsible for stealing Varrick's ships, but things just keep getting worse and worse for team Avatar. Working with triads is never a good call, which Mako and Asami learned the hard way! We enjoyed this episode, and can't WAIT for episodes 7 and 8!!!

Book 2, Chapter 7, "Beginnings, part 1" will premiere this Sunday, 1/24 at 12 pm est! We will be releasing the next 2 episodes in 2 parts, because rights-wise its the only way to do it in our current format, and time-wise its just not feasible for me without staying up till 5 am! Hope you enjoy!

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The Legend of Korra, Book 2, Episode 6 "The Sting”

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