Attack of the Clones Bonus DVD Part 1 George Lucas

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The DVD bonus discs of the first 6 films cover a extensive array of info about the films, film making process, and the actors themselves as George Lucas talks to us about his creation, Star Wars.
You can't find these anymore as they are only on the DVD's from the early 2000's. In this one we'll learn about George's vision as a film maker and how he preferred digital over anything else. We'll also see some BTS of Ewan as Obi-Wan and Sam Jackson as Mace Windu.

These are relics, and I'm happy to react/give my take on everything as we learn more from The Maker, himself.
The beginning of the bonus discs from the Lucas Files! Attack of the Clones Part 1. I hope you enjoy it, I definitely do and can't wait to do more.
Some may be edited, some may be full live streams, the theme here is totally laid back.
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