Backyard PAiNT Water Slide!! painting outside with our Family, new Baby clothes & toy car skates

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Adley and Niko do a very messy very fun art project!


Best Paint Day Ever 1135

Breakfast with the whole family!! One of my favorite things! Everyone stopping their morning routine to eat cereal all together. It soon turns into a contest of who can take the biggest bite. Things then get crazy when Adley and Niko Bear petend play being chickens and have a farm animal race in the house. lol where do these guys come up with stuff.

After breakfast, the kiddos and I head out into the garage to find water guns because jenny and i have a great DIY arts project for the whole family. We head into the backyard and where Jenny has paints and canvas. We start filling up the squirt guns with paint and water, because we're not painting with brushes, we're using the water guns!! Everyone makes amazing art, but the envivitalbe happens when Niko starts a water fight with the paint. He sprays blue on all of us, including the vlog!! We run around on the trampoline and the splash pad, painting each other, till we are all covered in. We start wondering how were are going to get clean when I have the idea of a paint slip n slide.

Jenny and I (with Niko's help) set up the slip and slide and the kids are loving it. So are we, because every time they slip or slide, it gets them a little more clean. OH, we also have story time from Adley about the very first bug she caught in our backyard. Jenny filmed some of it, so you get to see the bug hunting adventure.

We then go in the house because Adley has a surpirse for the baby that she wants to show the vlog and myself. We also have a lesson a taking care of the baby and Adley shows us what she's learned in her most recent tumbling class.

We end the vlog on home made roller skates made from new toy cars with Adley and Niko cruising through the house!!

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