Batman Arkham Knight Season Pass: DLC Done Right

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The season pass for Batman Arkham Knight while not being borderline perfect like inFAMOUS First Light, was still a spectacular victory lap for a magnificent game.

If you want to watch the video, I did on Batman Arkham knight click here :


Video Essay Playlist:

Intro: 0:00
Red Hood & Harley Quinn Story Pack: 3:19
Batgirl Story Pack: 9:52
Nightwing Story Pack: 12:46
Catwoman Story Pack: 13:47
Robin Story Pack: 15:31
Season of Infamy: 16:52
Costumes and Challenge Maps: 20:25
Final Thoughts: 20:59
Post Script: 21:34

Batman Arkham knight had kind of a rocky release. Don’t get me wrong it was a very good game and alot of you agree but a lot of you also noted that there were some glaring issues. To give a quick reminder those issues were, too much batmobile, lame boss fights, and a lot of side missions that just felt, “eh”. But the point of a DLC is to expand and improve upon a product and I don’t think one piece of the Arkham Knight DLC really changes that. I do however think that the season pass for Arkham Knight is exceptional for not only the amount of quality content you get but the price at which you can get it.

Something a lot of you have mentioned in the Arkham Knight video and the inFAMOUS First Light video is the idea of paid DLC being something that should have been there from the start. My personal opinion is that DLC isn’t inherently a bad thing. I understand why you might think DLC is something that should have been there from the start and this is true for some DLC. Having Goro locked behind a $5 paywall is of course not ok because he was on the disc, you just couldn’t use it. In the case of Batman, the DLC isn’t something that was ready to go from the gate, aside from the two pre order missions and some pre order skins. Regardless, the DLC is not integral to the experience of Arkham Knight. There are no new story segments, endings, or any radical gameplay changes. It’s just more of what you got in Arkham Knight, so for me, I don’t mind paying for more of what I enjoyed. So if you feel like it's milking the consumer, I totally get that but for me I don’t see an issue because, for a good price, this season pass gets you quite a lot of new content.

Now I know that a season pass isn't technically a DLC as it’s more of a series of DLC and you guys even mentioned that inFAMOUS First Light isn’t a DLC because it’s a standalone download. In my opinion I think DLC can apply to any sort of expansion for a game so something like a standalone expansion IE First Light would fall into that definition. Anywho enough talk about that let’s get into what this season pass includes.

There is a Red Hood story pack, Harley Quinn story pack, Batgirl: Matter of Family, Nightwing: GCPD Lockdown, Catwoman's Revenge, Robin: Flip of A Coin, Season of Infamy, and what feels like hundreds of new challenge maps and skins for your favourite characters. To give you an idea of the value of this DLC let’s take a look at how much value you get out of the main would take you around 17 hours to complete Arkham Knight. I am not including the amount of time it takes to get all the riddler trophies as judging by the comments on the Arkham Knight video, a lot of you did everything but the riddler trophies. I am assuming that the average player would complete all the side missions, and try every challenge map at least once. Of course, your mileage may vary as I found myself losing more time to the challenge mode than I thought I would. Since the game is $25 dollars, Canadian, that means that you pay $ per hour of content. The DLC adds about 8 hours of gameplay, again assuming you played all the new Arkham Episodes and tried all the new challenge maps at least once. Now the season pass goes for about $25 if you already have the game but if you purchase the season pass bundled with the game it works out to about $15. Meaning that you're paying about $3 per hour of content or $ per hour of content. Now of course it’s about the quality of the content, not the length but I can personally say that the content in this DLC is on par with everything else in Arkham Knight and if you don’t like the batmobile then I’d say it’s quality is even greater.
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