BATMAN BATBIKE FIRST LOOK Full Breakdown, Color Of The Batsuit, Arkham & Long Halloween Set Photos

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BATMAN BATBIKE FIRST LOOK Full Breakdown, Color Of The Batsuit, Arkham & Long Halloween Set Photos. We discuss the BIG new look at the Batbike

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The Batbike Batman 2021 Breakdown

Ok so if you’ve been keeping up to date with the channel then you’ll know that recently we dropped a filming schedule that had dates and times of a car chase scene that would be taking place on the streets of Gotham.

This was initially thought to be for the Batmobile and whilst this still could be the case and it will likely be coming very soon, as of the making of this video it does look like the road scenes will be centred around the Batbike.

The first pictures of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne featured the character on top of a bike and it looks like this could be the main mode of transport for the character as he is first starting out.

The movie will be a Year Two story so it does make sense that he wouldn’t have all of his equipment together and this is why the suit looks hand made and he is resorting to a bike.

As for the bike itself it looks exetremly high tech and modern and you will be surprised to see that it does come in black.

At the front we can see what looks to be ears almost similar to the cowl itself and there is a pointy design to the front of the ride.

Designer Ash Thorp has been teasing several details on his designs for the car and so on so I was actually very surprised to see this today.

We have been expecting a batmobile all week and whilst it’s not out of the question, it looks like for the moment that they are predominantly using a bike in the film.

Because of the scheduling I was sure that the Batmobile would be posted by Matt Reeves last night, however the fact that he didn’t, coupled with this makes a lot more sense.

So yeah, Batman will be using a motorbike at some points throughout the film to get around.

We may even get a bat pod ejection from the Batmobile like The Dark Knight and of course Batman Returns.

That’s purely speculation but I think that it’s more likely that he will have the bike first before moving onto the car.

There are rumours that there is going to be a second Batsuit and who knows, he may upgrade his suit along with the ride.

Bikes have been a large part of Batman’s rich history and the most recent one that springs to mind comes from Zero Year in which Batman used an almost steampunk version of the ride to get around a Gotham that had been taken over completely by The

....ously known for the car, this definitely isn’t outside what the character tends to ride on especially with some of the leaked images that we have so far on the film.

As for the car itself, we don’t have anything beyond the information that it will be a muscle and or sports car that is more grounded that what we have come to see in prior movies.

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