Batman Gotham Knights And Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League BIG Game Leaks & Trailer Dates?

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Batman Gotham Knights And Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League BIG Game Leaks & Potential Trailer Dates. This includes DC Fandome News, gameplay mechanics, trailer release dates, clues, story leaks and everything we know so far about the Arkham Knights sequel.

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Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

Ok so on the 23rd of June we broke the news that at DC Fandome there would be a Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Game and Gotham Knights one announced at DC Fandome.

This was because Warner bros had registered several domains including Batman Gotham , Suicide Squad and Suicide Squad kill the justice

At the time we told everyone to take it with a pinch of salt as leaks like this can often turn out to be untrue but both titles turned out to be correct as Rocksteady announced their game last week and Gotham Knights was dropped along with the DC Fandome Schedule.

So with confirmation of this we can take it that the initial leaks have a lot more validity to them and we're gonna be going over what they tell us about the games.

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

Now firstly Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League pretty much gives it all away from it's title.

For years we've cried out for either a Superman or Justice League game from Rocksteady and it does seem like they at least were paying attention to some of that.

Now one of the main difficulties with developing games like this is that it's quite difficult to get the game to feel balanced when everyone in the team is an overpowered being that's able to move at superspeed and fly.

Sorry Batman.

So what Rocksteady have done is flip this on it's head and place the characters in the game but instead of allowing us to play as them, we're now going toe to toe with them.

A lot of people are disappointed that it's WB Montreal behind the Batman game but I think Rocksteady made an excellent trilogy and after spending over a decade working on it they likely wanted to try something new.

Now as for the leaks on the game it will reportedly drop on Playstation 5, Xbox Series x and PC with a launch window of Late 2021 to Early 2022.

It will also tie into the Batman Arkham Universe and this will be the same squad that we saw teased at the end of Arkham Origins as well as in the movie Assault On Arkham. So the continuity will be carried across and thus the Batman that features in the game will too be linked to the one that is rumoured to appear in Gotham Knights.

Similar to Arkham Knight you will predominantly be taking the role of one character whilst completing certain tasks and missions with others. This was seen in things like the Robin, Nightwing and Batgirl parts of that game but here they will be fully integrated into the main campaign in order to allow you to really feel like you're taking on the squad.

The closest comparison I can actually think of is the upcoming Marvel Avengers Game. In that you reportedly play as Ms Marvel for the most part but will have sections in which you can switch characters or you just stand in someone's shoes for that entire mission.

But who exactly is in the Squad Lineup?

Well there is of course Harley Quinn and according to the leaks she will have a multitude of Weapons to pull from. Harley of course has her signature Bat but in addition to this she has a powerful hammer and a pair of pistols for dual weilding.

Harley can also equip a submachine gun for long ranged attacks and she will be pretty much the all rounder in the team.

Next up is Deadshot.

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