BATMAN UPDATES: Penguin Look, Robert Pattinson Training, Zoe Kravitz & Matt Reeves Interview & More

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BATMAN UPDATES: Penguin Look, Robert Pattinson Training, Zoe Kravitz & Matt Reeves Interview & More. We discuss the latest Batman 2021 Matt Reeves movie.

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Matt Reeves Interview

Ok so firstly we’re gonna be starting off with The Matt Reeves interview that was dropped on the Daily Beast last week.

In it Reeves was asked several questions about the process of the film, how it felt to be dealing with delays and the ins and outs of his series Tales From The Loop.

I’ll leave it linked in the description below if you wanna check it out but the most interesting aspect of the entire talk is how Reeves is differentiating his Batman from the other depcitions that we’ve seen of the character on screen.

When discussing this Matt said the following:

The way I loved Apes is the way that I loved Batman. The only two franchises that might have been something I would have connected with, amazingly, are the ones I was approached by. That’s been a very special thing. I can’t say that about almost any other franchise, that they would have been the right fit for me. My thing about it, on both of them, is that I had a particular take that, for me, was personal. I feel like if I can’t approach something through a perspective that resonates with me on some personal level, I don’t know where to put the camera, and I don’t know how to talk to the actors. I also felt like there have been some great Batman movies, and I didn’t want to just do a Batman movie.

I appreciate that you want me to do a Batman movie, but I don’t want to just do a Batman movie; I want to do a Batman movie that has a chance to be something different, and humanist, and can use the metaphors of the genre. It’s the same reason I did the Apes movies. Those movies were incredibly personal to me, despite the fact that they were what they were. So I made my pitch for what it would be, and to my great pleasure, it turned out that they were totally open to that. I took a tremendously long time working with my partners on writing that script, and they waited. And when I turned it in, they wanted to make it. I’ve been incredibly fortunate that they’ve been so open to it being different. And one of the exciting things about it is that it drew an incredibly interesting and talented number of actors to want to be involved in it. To me, that’s been the dream.

Now when this was first announced a lot of people interpreted it as meaning that the film would be woke. There were cries of it being SJW bullcrap and that it would be inline with the recent trend of movies by hollywood that put politics before plot.

However, when reading this storyline and knowing what we know about the movie I disagree heavily with the interpretation.

We already know that the film will be a detective story that centres around Batman investigating a string of murders in Gotham. Last month we dropped a report that discussed how insiders had informed us that the work would be in line with the Batman Earth One storylines and I think this hints at the humanist side that Matt is talking about.

In that Bruce really has to deal with the pressure of donning a mantle and what his mission to save Gotham ultimately leads to. It’s a far more grounded.

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