BIG BATMAN NEWS: Michael Keaton's Batsuit, Ben Affleck Returning? Flash Leaks & Pattinson Batsuit

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BIG BATMAN NEWS: Michael Keaton's Batsuit, Ben Affleck Returning? Flash Leaks & New Pattinson Batsuit Easter Eggs. We break down the latest Batman news and rumors in regards to Ben Affleck, Robert Pattinson, The Flash Movie and a lot more.

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Michael Keaton Batsuit

Ok so if you’ve been living in a batcave for the past week then you might have missed the news that the grandaddy of the Bat family, Michael Keaton, will be reprising his role as Batman in the upcoming Flash movie.

This Flashpoint centric film will reportedly see him take over the reigns of Ben Affleck and he will act as a mentor for the characters across the DC Universe including The Flash, Batgirl and many more.

This story broke the internet better than Bane broke the bat and it’s had fans exetremly excited. We now have some further news in regards to the film including what the batsuit will be and a lot more.

So the Hollywood reporter recently did an massive post about all their scoops and updates from insiders that contained the following information.

► Michael Keaton is in talks to return as Batman. (And by Batman, we also mean Bruce Wayne. Despite pesky rumors from certain corners, there is no Thomas Wayne in the script, sources tell us. Also: Keaton would appear in costume.)

So, pretty short and sweet but it does let us know two major things. Though the Flash movie will be a Flashpoint one, there will be absolutely no Thomas Wayne in the film.

This is a pretty big bummer if it turns out to be true as I was really excited to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan reprise the role of the character and I think that he would look incredible in the costume.

The Thomas Wayne Batman version in my opinion is one of the most interesting versions of the dark knight and it kinda seems a shame that they aren’t using him as he’s really integral to the graphic novel and makes for a great character.

I’m guessing that this means we won’t be getting a Martha Wayne Joker either which is a big shame as she too adds a lot of intriguing aspects to the source material and it was such a big twist the first time I read the graphic novel as it showed just how much Flash saving his mother had really affected things.

However, with this bad news also comes the good news that Michael Keaton will be appearing in costume.

The rumours is that like the original book, after Flash fixes things he returns to the Batcave to see what the status quo is now. This was a key location in the alternate version of history as when he went there and found Thomas instead of Bruce and thus knew that things were wrong. So, Flash alters the past once more and ventures back to the Batcave to see if he’s living in a universe with either Thomas or Bruce and according to the leaks he finds a much older version of Wayne, namely Michael Keaton.

Sources close to the Hollywood Reporter have said that Keaton will be appearing in the Batsuit.

Now DCEU Mythic recently posted a report that said Keaton will be appearing in a version of the suit that is similar to the Kingdom Come version.

This was posted by Jeremy Conrad who has been right on a lot of leaks and also gotten some wrong so take this with a pinch of salt until we know everything.

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