Comics Aficionados: Old School Comics and Chill

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The Comics Aficionados chill out this week and talk all our favorite old school comic book issues, stories and series. Dok, Pele, Ash on Comics and Breen have been collecting comic books for decades. In fact, a few even believe classic comic books are far superior to the current offering from DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics and independent comic publishers. While there are plenty of great comic books on the market today, the older books still have a place. Don't miss this weeks Comics Aficionados as we take a chill and talk about all the classic DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics and other indies we all love.

Comic Collection Tips from a Real Comic Book Man

With Comic Book Men just finishing up its first season on AMC, and the recent news of a long lost comic book collection selling for $ million, my curiosity about comic collecting has been piqued. My own collection is modest, with just a few graphic novels and random issues, but I recently made my first purchase of a "collectible" for a whopping eight dollars. I decided I needed to talk to an expert about making these first forays into buying and selling comics.

Enter Brandon Zuern, store manager of Austin Books & Comics in Austin, Texas. Brandon is a real "Comic Book Man," who not only runs the day-to-day operations of Austin Books, including deciding what stock to carry and how to display it, but he also finds the time to curate the new Guzu Gallery next door. A lifelong comics fan, Brandon read comic books before he knew how to read.

Although I do the majority of my reading with digital comics now, there's something about holding a comic in my hands that still gets me in a store from time to time. When I asked him if digital comics have impacted their customers' buying habits, Brandon replied, "The collectability of comics is still a major factor." I can attest to that. If you're like me and enjoy having comic books to call your own, here are some tips for getting started on a collection.

Brandon advises taking your first steps to a collection by first considering what you like the most. He suggests, "Do you want to collect comics by a certain writer or artist? Are you trying to put together a complete Aquaman collection? Do you buy any pre-Code horror (gruesome early 1950s comics) you're lucky enough to find? Once you decide what you're most interested in, always look for those issues!"

When looking for my first collectible, I browsed for my favorite comic book, Superman/Batman Annual #1, at a Seattle comic book store because I only had a digital copy of it. I was delighted to find it on the shelf, but that turned to dismay when I saw a higher price on it than I'd wanted. I went ahead with the purchase after just a minute of internal debate. I asked Brandon if I should have attempted to get a different price. "[Austin Books has] a pretty strict no-haggling rule," he said. "I price issues for what I know they'll sell for, and I'd rather have a cool, rare issue stay on the wall than sell it for less than it's worth. I'm not rude about it if you want to try, though."

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