Crime Gang Jailed For £1million a Month County Lines (East Midlands) #streetnews

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When police arrested a Merseyside drug dealer they discovered video clips on his mobile phone which showed him revelling in a lavish lifestyle.

Kevin Duncalf was arrested last summer when police targeted a drugs gang which was flooding the East Midlands with cocaine and cannabis.

But when police arrested him they found footage on his phone showing him using a digital machine to count cash and staying in expensive hotels. In one of the clips Duncalf was seen showing off luxury brands such as Berluti and Givenchy. The drug dealer can also be seen wearing a designer watch and laughing into the camera.

Duncalf, 35, of Vogan Avenue, Crosby, was jailed for 16 years last week after it emerged that he had supplied a midlands based gang with cocaine. He was wanted by police at the time in relation to a separate drugs matter.

Duncalf was found guilty of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs after a trial. The sentence will begin after he has served two years of a four year sentence for a previous conviction.

That conviction related to conspiracy to supply class A drugs (MDMA) and class B drugs (cannabis).

A police spokesman said: "Duncalf supplied cocaine from Liverpool while he was wanted by another police force for unrelated matters. The fact he was wanted didn’t deter him from continuing with his life of crime.

When he was arrested officers found recordings on his mobile showing his lifestyle, including staying in hotels counting large sums of money on a cash counting machine.

Officers recovered cash and designer clothing from his home when they executed a warrant last summer."

The investigation identified Ashley Boyd and Clint Jones as the brains behind the business-like operation. Both men were part of an organised criminal network, police said.

Boyd and Jones pleaded guilty to their part in the operation at earlier hearings.

Jones was one of the main Leicester suppliers, when officers executed a warrant at Jones’s home they found more than £57,000 in cash.

During the enforcement officers recovered cocaine, cannabis, cannabis plants, cash and designer items including customised watches.

Ashley Boyd, 34, of Chapel Close, Houghton on the Hill, Leicestershire, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply Class A and B drugs, and conspiracy to produce cannabis. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Clint Jones, 42, of Market Garden Close, Thurmaston, Leicester, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply Class A and B drugs. He was sentenced to nine years in prison.

In total the 15 strong drugs gang was jailed for over 100 years in prison at Leicester Crown court.

East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU) Detective Inspector Lee Hunt said: “Between them these individuals will now serve more than 100 years behind bars. The conviction and subsequent sentences show how seriously we and the courts take these crimes.

“These criminals were part of an organised network who operated not just in Leicestershire but Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Liverpool. During the enforcement we executed more than 50 warrants across those counties and cities.

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