Destiny 2 Dynamo Server Heatshield Node Location (Sleeper Simulant Nodes Location)

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Destiny 2 Dynamo Server Heatshield Node Sleeper Node Location (Sleeper Simulant Node Locations Guide - Override Frequency)

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This guide shows you the Dynamo Server Heatshield Sleeper Node location in Destiny 2. Sleeper Nodes are available after you finish the story in the Warmind DLC and the blue missions from Ana.
Ana introduce you during a mission in the node system and how it work. With 4 Resonant Stems you can combine into an Override Frequency. The last 3 words of the Override Frequency item will give you a clue as to where the node is located. To obtain Resonant Stems complete Patrols, Public Events, Lost Sectors or loot the chests from high value There are over 40 nodes, for the Sleeper Simulant you need 15 sleeper nodes.

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