Everything GREAT About Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker! (Part 2)

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The conclusion to The Rise of Skywalker and the conclusion to the whole dang saga. The response to the first video was overwhelmingly positive even if not everyone agrees with me. Obviously, some people wish I wasn't alive, that just comes with talking about Star Wars. ;) But now let's talk about Star One last time.

EGA The Rise of Skywalker! (Part 1):
RedCaio: Musical Theme Connections video:

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Time Stamps if you want to jump around:
00:39 - Introduction
01:34 - Planning
07:37 - Pacing
09:56 - Expectations & Realizations
11:04 - Stuff I Got Wrong & Comments
12:23 - Great Stuff
13:12 - Addressing Complaints
14:31 - The Force
17:38 - Stakes
21:02 - Characters & Actors
23:30 - Rey's Lineage
24:51 - Outro

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