File Server to Microsoft 365 Enterprise 2020 | Demo Heavy | Teams & SharePoint | Intune & Azure AD

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You moved your email to Office 365 Exchange Online and gave all of your users the subscription version of the Microsoft Office desktop apps - BUT YOU STILL HAVE YOUR ANCIENT FILE SERVER are not confident about how SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Teams work together.

And that is only half the problem, the other problem is that once your files are up in "the cloud" (, Microsoft 365), you don't feel confident about how you actually secure the files. And, you should feel uncomfortable because you still haven't even enabled multi-factor authentication on those mailboxes you have hosted in Microsoft 365 - and that is SECURITY 101, friend.

And you Google search bits and pieces but you are resting on your dated skills around Windows file servers and domain controllers. Your company's ownership and executive leadership depend on you, and they don't know how to manage this stuff, but they know from talking to their enlightened peers that the days of spending tons of money on hosting their own servers, and paying for lots of full-time or consulting IT resources is coming to an end. You will either get thrown out with the old-schoolers, or you will shift your thinking and become an IT Manager This will start with getting your files moved into Microsoft 365 and getting rid of that file server.

Once you get rid of that file server, and integrate Azure Active Directory Premium, Microsoft Intune, and Azure Information protection, you can generally start making plans to shut down your backup and disaster recovery system - saving the company money (and it is one more thing/hassle to manage). You can eventually make plans to get rid of those domain controllers, and VPN services hosted on your firewall.

That Windows File Server has been part of the company for decades and it is a mess with weak security.

In this video I'm going to put all of this together for you. I'm going to take 3 years worth of studying, research, certifying, and deployments and give you my 3rd video on moving your file server to Microsoft 365. I'm going to give you the BIG, **PRACTICAL**, **STREET-SMART**, **REAL WORLD** stuff. I'm going to take you from not knowing what you don't know, to really understanding how this all works together.

And this isn't just going to be a SharePoint Online tutorial. Oh god no. I'm a "Microsoft Teams" man. Microsoft Teams is a layer on top of SharePoint that makes working with files SO MUCH EASIER AND INTUITIVE for both the USERS AND IT Admins. Yes, the back-end of Teams is SharePoint, but you mostly don't have to worry about that. I go over building out your file sharing system in Microsoft Teams, building out your "backups" with retention policies to protect your files and stay in compliance. I show you EXTREME levels of file protection to be able to recover files that were deleted, and also how to clear out the noise from old out-dated files. This is NOT your daddy's IT.

I mention several videos that go into much more detail; they can be found below:

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