「Gacha Life 」the breakout | Ep 9 | "you took everything i loved." |

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u had no idea how relieved i am. but im so sorry this looks so rushed at the end. when i do things everything always escalates so fast. and yes, shiro's backstory lasted 10 minutes.
i did a premiere at discord cause youtube hates me. well guess what, discord hates me, half hate.
but here's the discord server. we're family, and chaotic as fuck. i love them

special thank you to flimzy4u for reacting to my videos multiple time. he's honestly really amazing, go check him out

the covers i used for candice's voice are marina lin's. here are the videos.

apps used
cute cut pro
ibis paint x
background eraser

alright uh i'm going to sleep it's almost witching hour, buh bye
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