Gold Glitch 3.0 - Sneaky Gold Solo (Compound Door Glitch) - GTA Online - The Cayo Perico Heist

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GOLD GLITCH !?!? Well, kinda. This is definitely useful to know about for the Cayo Perico Heist. That's undeniable. But compared to the Gold Glitch back in the Casino Heist, this pales in comparison. Basically, this allows you to steal gold (or whatever RNG gives you) solo in the Cayo Perico Heist while remaining undetected. Which is a cool little thing to know about for sure. Certain RNG configurations on your Heist finale will line up perfectly to take advantage of this. Especially for Speedrunning.

However, for reference, the Gold Glitch broke the Daimond Casino Heist people. It changed the total potential take from $ Million to $ Million. Literally doubled the take. However, the game had a hard cap on the Heist, making the final cut revert back down to $ Million minus fees (Max diamond Payout). The Gold Glitch has since been patched before anyone asks. The version here could soon follow suit and be patched as well, but it works as of now (1/22/21).

I broke it down in the video, so check that for specifics on how to pull this off. A few things to mention though. There are several different versions of this game out right now. Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS4 Enhanced, PS5, PC. All of these different systems in play may or may not affect your ability to pull this off. I'm on an original xbox one doing this here.

To that end, I only could open 2 doors with this technique. Not sure if more are possible or not on different systems. Also, this seems to stop working occasionally when you are in the Heist for a while. You can quick restart with suicide or go the long way and start all over again if you want to get the elite challenge done while doing this.

That's all for now! Plenty more stuff coming soon! Until then, Hope You Enjoy!!

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