Her Invisible Alpha Mark ...GLMM✨/An Alpha Gacha Life Mini Movie✨ READ DESC or PINNED comment PLZ

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Here are some
Updates for you guys I

I AM STILL MAKING PRT 3 Awiaaas I’ts just I have been really unmotivated for that specific gLmM, and so I decided to take a break from that and do this glmm. I WILL 100% do part 2 for this if you guys get this video to 30k likes :) and I will not be making part 2 for competing for the crown. Funny story I got realllllllyyyyyy unmotivated at the end of making that glmm so I had no desire to even continue it- that’s why I made the like amount for part 2 extremely high bc I rrly didn’t wanna make part 2 ???????????????? there you go all those updates! ????????????????????????✨????????

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I DO NOT OWN THIS MUSIC! This is by YouTaube Audio library\music box

INTRO, and OUTRO created by an amazing talented Qween! Yuuna! Her channel is:

Music creds to intro: Save me by DEAMN
Outro creds: Sign by DEAMN

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Video editors: Kinemaster and InShot and cutecut
More apps: background eraser, ibis paint
Thumbnail editor: Pics art, Phonto

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