Incredible Cheap VR Game Bundle! - Oculus Quest 2 Root Reportedly Fake

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In today's video, I have some really cool things to share with you! First of all, we have the new VR Game Bundle on Humble Bundle you get so many games for only 17 dollars! Or 14 Euro depending on what country you are in. This includes some amazing titles like saints and sinners. So not only do you get some amazing games but you also get to support charity! For our second piece of news, we are going to be talking about the fact that the Quest 2 Jailbreak (Root) Is actually reportedly fake and never happened. I hope you guys enjoy today's video!

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After the video I ended up making a Humble Bundle Partner ID So If you want to support the channel while ???????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? here is the link:
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However, if you just want to buy the games, here is the link for that too :D
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