Introduction to Windows Server 2012

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Level: Beginner
Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy
Date Created: February 18, 2013
Length of Class: 32:23
Windows Server 2012
Purpose of Class
This class introduces students to Windows Server 2012 and why they should be interested in deploying it for their organization.
Class Notes
Windows 2012 Unleashed by SAMs
Windows Server 2012 only comes in a 64bit version. This may cause issues with legacy applications.
There are 4 editions of Windows Server 2012: Data Center — Standard -- Essentials — Foundation
Server Core : Server Core does not provide you with a graphical envionrment in order to administer a server.
Self Healing NTFS allows the server to automatically fix corruptions on a disk partition.
SMB = 10-30 times faster transfer between computers (Server 2012 or Windows 8), XP and such will use SMB Reduces "chatter"
Storage Spaces -- SAN: Allows you to combine numerous server's storage into one logical storage unit.
Data Deduplication: Only one copy of Identical files is stored
Hyper V -- Microsofts version of Virtualization
Offline Domain Join: Allows you to add a PC to a domain without connecting it to the network.
Drivers: You may have some driver issues with older computers. "Generic" drivers may be installed instead of proprietary ones.
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