"Is any of this actually fun?" (SoulsBorne PvP Retrospective)

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2020 has been defeated. can we do it again?

Let's head into 2021 and embrace the next big game (#eldenringwhen) on the horizon with an open mind. Or at least, as open of a mind as we can manage. Take care of yourselves out there, y'all. Happy New Year!

00:00 Intro
00:38 "Is any of this actually fun?" / JeeNine Reference
02:40 What does it mean to take Souls "seriously"?
04:08 Common Criticisms of SoulsBorne PvP
07:58 Time, Stagnation, and a foreboding sense of Negativity
12:10 The Silver Linings and Highlights of SoulsBorne PvP
16:24 My Hopes for Elden Ring, and for the Community
19:11 "What makes SoulsBorne PvP fun for you?"
21:49 Outro
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Song List:
"Voyage To Tomorrow"
"Brat Overflow"
[all from the 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim OST]
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