it got worse (stolen channel update)

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the channel is back


I want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has helped me with this. Thank you to all the news outlets who reported this and fellow creators who shared my story. My twitter Penelope Garcias, you've been working overtime, and I seriously wouldn't know half of what I do, without you all. I never expected to get the help I have from strangers on the internet, and I can't stress how thankful I am. All the tweets, messages, the memes, and gifs, literally it's made this whole process bearable. Thank you. Endlessly.


Here's what I (still) want:
my videos back
my channel back
answers to my questions
a new system to help creators who've been hacked
an apology
a conversation with chad
a meeting at youtube
also world peace

W H A T Y O U C A N D O T O H E L P :
Just like I asked last time, you can tweet a link to my video to @YouTube @ytcreators @TeamYouTube and let's throw @SusanWojcicki in there too, tell them to give me my videos back, and meet with me. Feel free to include any of the bullshiz facts/points from this video esp regarding their 'date retention policy'. Please tweet/share this video with creators you want to see cover it, or talk about it, because if we learned anything from part one, it's only when we throw a public hissy fit that they pay attention.

Comment on this video, like it, share it, anything to help push it out in the algorithm so we can actually get them to make a change.

If you have any information that you think might help, please send it to me on twitter ()
edited & produced by the one and only lily marston
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