Kathryn Hahn on the Marvel madness, her comedy heroines, and getting her juiciest roles post-40

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Kathryn Hahn is an absolute scream, as you may have guessed from watching her in the hit Marvel TV show “WandaVision.” Or maybe you first took notice of her comedy chops in early aught blockbusters like “Step Brothers.” Or perhaps, you knew along given her propensity for all-too-relatable characters in indie films like “Private Life.” However you’ve come across Kathryn Hahn, there’s no denying the actor, at 47, has hit her stride. On this episode of Next Question with Katie Couric, Katie digs into Kathryn’s background to find out what makes her comedy’s secret weapon. They talk about her comedy role models, the unfortunate prosthetic pregnancy stage early in her career, and why the parts she’s earning now, at 47, are the best and most exciting of her career. Watch Kathryn on Wandavision on Disney+.

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