Landlord VS Harami Bachelors | Comedy Video | Team Anurag

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Landlord VS Harami Bachelors | Comedy Video | Team Anurag

Guys in this video we have just show that two couples were enjoying their life happily
And one person comes from village and destroyed their happily
If you guys wants to know that what happens in their life then watch our video

Video Team Credit :
♫Directed by: Anurag Shukla, Abhineet Jha
♫Producer: Sri Guru Ji
♫Director of Photography: Star Avinash K. Kashyap
♫Written by : Anurag Shukla , Abhineet Jha
♫Assistant Directors: Star Avinash K. Kashyap, Mr. Chandan
♫Graphics By: Star Avinash K. Kashyap
♫Spot: Arpit
♫Video Edit/BGM/CC : Star Avinash K. Kashyap
♫Thumbnail & Poster : Star Avinash K. Kashyap
♫Makeup: Khud Se Kiya Hai
♫ Concept : Anurag Shukla, Abhineet Jha
♫ Management : Abhineet Jha, Star Avinash
♫ Project By Anurag Shukla

Anurag Shukla
Abhineet Jha
Rakesh Kumar Upadhyay
Pooja Jha

Special Thanks To Mr. Chandan, Rj Baba

Star Avinash K. Kashyap


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