Luke's Point of View: Kanan Jarrus (CANON) - Star Wars Explained

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In the canon book Secrets of the Jedi by Insight Editions, we get the thoughts and point of view of Luke Skywalker on almost every character. Today's video will discuss and explain his thoughts on Kanan Jarrus and his Jedi Master, Depa Bilaba, who was Mace Windu's apprentice. She also had a seat on the Jedi Council, unlike Qui-Gon Jinn. I always found it interesting how Anakin had a seat but wasn't a Jedi Master, yet Qui-Gon didn't have a seat, yet was a Jedi Master. Kind of shows you how they were a perfect fit for one another if they came together as Master and Apprentice, Father and Son so to speak. This view of Luke Skywalker shows Kanan's journey through Order 66 and his memoirs during his escape. He questions if his master's sacrifice was worth it, which of course as he goes to train Ezra Bridger later on, we know it was.

I hope to see a new sequel to Rebels or Clone Wars that will continue Ahsoka's story, and hopefully we can learn where Ezra went!


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