Marvel Zombies Returns Motion Comic Fan Film

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Marvel Zombies Returns Motion Comic Fan Film (Issue 1)
Marvel Zombies Motion Comics
Marvel Motion Comic
Today's video we will be jumping into a fully fan edited motion comic from one of the most scariest timelines of all the Marvel Zombies Earth Z universe with #1.

This video took a lot of editing and we will be jumping right into Marvel Zombies returns taking a look at one of the scariest worlds throughout the multiverse where Zombie Peter Parker/ Zombie Spider-Man must set things right in this new universe being teleported to Amazing Spider-Man #68 where he must kind the tablet of time.

This is a original Marvel comic book and one of my favorites I really wanted to bring this to life and at MissedThePart Productions we did just that! I would like to give a massive thank you to RedBlue Studios and all of the voice actors involved with the project! This was super fun and I can't wait to see what we will do next!
What kind of Marvel comic books do you wanna see in motion comic format and if you have a Fan Film motion comic request please request away!



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"hey’re back! What happened to Spider-Man, Colonel America, Power Man, Giant-Man and Wolverine at the end of MARVEL ZOMBIES 2? Where were they transported , more importantly, when? A frightening five-part weekly event shambles to life here, penned by resident (evil) MARVEL ZOMBIES 3 and 4 scribe Fred Van Lente and three of today’s hottest novelists of zombie fiction! In this first chapter, your friendly neighborhood undead arachnid arrives in the swingin’ college days of his distant past, and when the Sinister Six threaten his loved ones, he seizes the opportunity to undo all the horror he's caused as a flesh-eating freak. But can a monster truly become a hero, no matter how guilt-ridden he is? Or will he learn the hard way that with great hunger also comes…great hunger?"

Marvel Zombies Returns Motion Comic Fan Film
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