Marvel's Agatha Harkness, Who Is She?

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Agatha Harkness has had a long and eccentric history in Marvel comics, starting out as the governess of Reed and Sue Richards' son Franklin and then later teaching the Scarlet Witch true magic, and she's hitting live-action for the first time in WandaVision. Here's everything you need to know.

Almost from the moment Kathryn Hahn was announced as playing "Agnes" on WandaVision, Marvel fans started speculating that her character was some sort of spin on or variation of Agatha Harkness. It took a little while, but in the closing moments of the show's seventh episode, "Breaking the Fourth Wall," those theories were seemingly proven correct when Agnes revealed herself to Wanda — not only as Agatha, but as the power that had been secretly guiding many of the events in Westview all along.

Agatha's big moment arrives when Wanda, who's been taking some "me time" to recuperate from the chaotic events of the previous episode, arrives at Agnes' house to pick up her twin sons.

At this point, astute viewers have already noticed that the show’s bright sitcom-style lighting has shifted to a much darker palette — and things get darker still when Wanda makes her way to the basement, which is decked out much more like a creepy dungeon than anything you'd expect to find in an average suburban home.

Before Wanda can find the boys, she's confronted by a grinning Agnes, who explains she's actually Agatha — and, via a musical montage that plays out like the opening credits of her own spinoff series, cheerfully brags that the magical shenanigans viewers have been watching were due to Agatha All Along.

Watch this video for more on Marvel's Agatha Harkness and who she is!

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