McFarlane Dark Nights Metal DC Multiverse Batman Devastator Grim Knight Dawnbreaker Review

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McFarlane Toys sent me a sneak peek at their new DC Multiverse wave with the Dark Nights Metal crew of Devastator, Dawnbreaker, Grim Knight, and Murder Machine! While I've never read the stories I'm facinated by combining Batman with other characters, and hey, I just dig nice action figures.

00:00 Intro
01:06 Basic Packaging
02:24 Murder Machine Unboxing
02:43 Murder Machine Figure
04:42 Murder Machine Articulation
06:24 Murder Machine Accessories
06:57 Dawnbreaker Unboxing
07:21 Dawnbreaker Figure
09:37 Dawnbreaker Articulation
11:16 Dawnbreaker Accessories
11:59 Grim Knight Unboxing
12:23 Grim Knight Figure
15:59 Grim Knight Articulation
17:08 Grim Knight Accessories
18:16 Devastator Unboxing
18:46 Devastator Figure
21:14 Devastator Articulation
24:01 Size and Comparisons
25:37 Thoughts
27:00 Outro and Batman Who Laughs Comparison

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