Moonlight Blade Mobile: First Impressions/CN Server/This Maybe Too Legit For Mobile

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Where is the end of the world, there are no rivers and lakes.
Tencent's flagship high immersion national style and great world "Tianya Mingyue Sword Mobile Game" is officially launched!
Full platform, no file deletion, no number restriction, go to the heartbeat arena with thousands of young heroes!
When you enter/experience "Tianya Mingyue Sword Mobile Games", you can refer to the content of ↓ if you have any questions, and give us feedback in time to help us optimize quickly!
Feedback Portal →:
iOS Feedback Portal →:

Thank you very much for your suggestions, expectations, and patience during the period Keep waiting. We also hope to maintain this insistence on high quality and continue to work hard, hoping to bring everyone a truly satisfactory gaming experience. Thank you young heroes for their long-term attention and expectation of Tiandao. We are waiting for you in the arena!

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