Mrparka Review's "The Cohasset Snuff Film"

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Director: Edward Payson (Morbid: A Love Story)
The Cohasset Snuff Film
Cohasset follows a 17 year old high school student with a liking of film making who decides to make his "masterpiece" a documentary about his serial killing. The film is a mixture of the footage that was uploaded online from our killer and interviews. The interviews are actually pretty good, but the serial killer footage is a bit odd, although serial killers all tend to be a bit different its just a big pill to swallow about a 17 year old killer who strangles women and barks one liners in a film that is seemingly so serious. I guess the killings are a joke to him, but it doesn't quite work for me, although i maybe a minority here. The themes in the film and message i think is a fairly decent one and does work however about the horrors that are on the internet and the exploitation of
serial murdering for profit.
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