NEW PIKKON & GOKU IS S***? | Dragon Ball Legends Reddit 2nd Anniversary

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NEW Dragon Ball Legends, in this video we see how the community reacted to the Super Kaio ken Goku and Pikkon, and it was horrible.
inside this beautiful package includes juicy memes | Dragon Ball Z Super GT Gameplay

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All fan art created was from the Dragon Ball Legends Reddit page.

Outro: Kazuo - BLASIAN!

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Intro: (0:00)
u ok?: (0:47)
New units are trash: (1:00)
He can dance doeee: (2:43)
A G I L E S T Y L E: (3:44)
Kaioken Too ANGERY: (4:25)
right: (6:14)
Yes it was racist: (6:19)
Legends worst deicison to make Pikkon buff colors: (6:50)
More Pikkon roasting: (7:16)
2nd anni being bad again: (7:32)
Outro: (10:16)
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