Noa Deane Flairs Out On A Dane Reynolds-Inspired Channel Islands Fish Beard

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Noa Deane and Dane Reynolds share a lot in common, not least of which a beefy physique—both are 200lb grown men who fly higher than surfers several weight classes lower.

In fact, after Dane buckled the two CI Neck Beard II's he'd brought to Stab High to play around in the Waco pool, he grabbed one of Noa's LSDs, markered over the conflicting sponsor stickers, and paddled out for his first heat.

Noa for his part is an unabashed Dane apostle, a fan since day dot and one of the highest profile of his generation to wear Dane's influence on his sleeve. We first started talking to Noz about being our Acid Test subject after hearing how many times he'd watched Dane's first film with us (30+ when we checked in two years ago, double now, at least).

While we were immediately enthused about having Britt Merrick and the Carpinteria CI crew into basically building an exact replica of Dane's Acid Test Neck Beard II, we were more than pleased to find out Dane and Britt, along with Parker Coffin, had been working on a new modified Neck Beard model, the Fish Beard, a twin-keeled swallow tail with an outline from the tail's nadir forward ripped straight from the beloved chop-tailed best seller.
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