OPEN THE DOOR 07 - Russian Police ( Открой дверь! 07 - Полиция России, СОБР, ОМОН, МВД )

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Law enforcement in the Russian Federation is the responsibility of a variety of different agencies. The Russian police (formerly the militsiya) are the primary law enforcement agency, the Investigative Committee of Russia (the "Russian FBI") is the main investigative agency, and the Federal Security Service (formerly the KGB) is the main domestic security agency.

Ministry of Internal Affairs:
The Police of Russia (politsiya) provide public security functions. Formerly the militsiya
The Investigative Committee of Russia is an investigative body, sometimes described as the "Russian FBI".
Ministry of Justice:
Federal Service of Punishment Execution (FSIN) is responsible for the penal correction and prison system of Russia
The Federal Security Service (FSB) is the domestic security service, and the main successor agency of the Soviet-era Cheka, NKVD, and KGB. Responsible for anti-terrorism operations.
The Federal Border Guard Service is subordinate to the FSB and responsible for border protection, surveillance and coast guard.
Federal Customs Service
The Ministry for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (EMERCOM) is responsible for the civil defence regulation, protection from fire and has own troops.
Ministry of Defence
Russian Military Police provides the service police function for all branches of the Russian Armed Forces.
President of Russia
The National Guard (formerly Internal Troops) provide a gendarmerie function, supporting the Politsiya and dealing with large-scale riots and internal armed conflicts. They also provide security for highly-important facilities (such as nuclear power plants).
The Federal Protective Service of Russia is responsible for the protection of Russian state property and high-ranking government personnel, including the President of Russia.
Presidential Security Service - concerned with the tasks related to the protection of the President of Russia.
Криминальная Россия
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