Over 3,000 fps with Lehigh XD 350 Legend Ballistics Gel at 100 and 200 Yards - The Social Regressive

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Beware the X. Let's see what Lehigh's unique 9mm designs can do when accelerated to MUCH higher velocities than you'll get out of your sidearm.

Full Ballistics Gel Playlist:
Full 350 Legend Playlist:

My Rig:
1. CMMG Resolute in 350 Legend
2. US Optics TS-6X:
3. Warne 20-MOA X-Skel Mount:
4. Champion Premium Rest:
5. Duramag 20-round Magazine:

Warne Tool:

Got a favorite 9mm projectile? You might be able to load it into a 350 Legend case, then sling it to unimaginable velocities. Lehigh has made a splash with their XD (Extreme Defense) 9mm loads. Turns out those same projectiles would work on hogs and deer at practical distances. The XD 118-grain cuts a long, wide channel at 100 and 200 yards, stopping at about 20 inches in 10% gel. The 90-grain XD leaves the muzzle at over 3,000 fps, but causes less damage.

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Kyle Broderick, The Social Regressive
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