Roman Brohl Tribute

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Beginning in the late ‘90’s, Roman could also be seen on many pledge breaks for this station. Back before virtual breaks were a thing, Roman and I often shared the Saturday morning shift, pledging Barney and Arthur at 8:00am. Roman had the type of talent that allowed him to comfortably pitch in any pledge break, from Arthur and Jerry Baker to Fleetwood Mac and everything in between.

Roman and I worked a lot of pledge breaks together over the years. Always good with words, spoken or written, Roman created a game where we would challenge each other to try to work in random words in a pledge break, words like ‘perpendicular’ or ‘architecture’. It became a fun game for him and I, and it was a great example of the fun Roman brought to any situation.

He served as our station’s receptionist for a short time and also helped us with a variety of graphics and marketing needs. Through the 2000’s, Roman remained a supporter and great friend of the station, appearing on many pledge breaks and live auctions.

Roman was a character and his personality could often be described as a force of nature. Whatever project he worked on, he always brought a certain joie de vive to the party. No event was boring if Roman attended.

What I would like for all of us to remember is how Roman approached being on PBS12. He never took being on camera on our station for granted. It was always a big deal and he was always available for anything we needed. He loved this station and he enjoyed everyone who worked here.
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