Sexual Assault of Men Played for Laughs

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It’s hard to overstate just how common jokes about men being sexually assaulted are in entertainment media. Most popular comedic actors engage in this type of humor. Jokes are typically designed to demean, humiliate, control, or emasculate a male character for being the victim, or potential victim, of sexual violence. This is the 1st of 2 video essays on this topic. Part 1 focuses on humor involving men sexually assaulting or harassing other men. Part 2 will examine media in which women are depicted as the perpetrators.

• How to support male survivors:
• Black & Pink:
• Just Detention International:
• Statistics and facts about sexual violence:

• Cameron Esposito's "Rape Jokes" standup special:
• Terry Crews speaking to the US Congress:
- The Rape Jokes We Still Laugh At | New York TImes
• List of movies including jokes about men being abused:
• List of TV shows including jokes about men being abused:

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