Shindeku cute comics //1\//bnha\[yaoi warning] {read description if you hate this ship }

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Konniciwa minnha ????
This is also a requested ship from a lot of people OwO
I will make kiribaku and kamishinso next

[People who hate this ship ..all I wanna say is skip le video*-*
This is a cute ship I don't even ship it (I ship myself with shinsou XD)
Still this is a cute ship and you don't have to hate it *-*
Just ignore video if you feel uncomfortable]

Ship :shinsou X deku #shindeku
Sauce :#bnha /#mha
This video has nothing to do with real anime and manga *-* and it contains a lil bit spoiler
✓✓i don't own these comics
Real artist::
1.@keiidakamya [Twitter]
2 .Oddonna [Tumblr]
3.@squagie [Instagram]
4.@ijessbest [Instagram]
5.@lunlucyart [Instagram]
6.@shinsouxmidoriya [Instagram]
8.@reeacat_ig [Instagram]


12.@sleepyheadkl [Instagram]

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✓ thanks for watching
✓✓✓no hate comments or shipping wars(normal war is ok but dont get overboard *-*)
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✓✓✓take care of your health

Stay safe stay home and have a cookie ????

Sayonara minnha ????:3

Oh! Eid Mubarak to my Muslim friends
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