Solo Legend Lost Sector Bunker E15 (Titan Guide) [Destiny 2 Beyond Light]

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light - Solo Legend Lost Sector Bunker E15 Titan Guide / How To Solo Legendary Lost Sector Bunker E15 Easy Guide / 1250 Solo Lost Sector Bunker E15. Just a quick video showing a solo clear of the newly added Legend Lost Sector, clearing all of the Champions on a Titan. Doing it as a solo clear has an increased chance for exotic drops.

Hunter Guide:
Warlock Guide:
Titan Guide:

Second of the 3 classes to do this. Technically I've done this on Warlock also (the Master 70 power under), but I'll do a revised version of that a little later on so that all 3 are done. Will do the same for all 5 of the Lost Sectors so people can use them as reference. Will also try to use different weapons for each of them so they're not too repetitive.

How to unlock the Legend Lost Sector or Master Lost Sector / how to make them appear: They rotate each day, one legend and one master. Whatever one was legend one day will turn to master the following day. You have to have cleared them on the normal version first before they appear, and that has to be on the character you're playing.

These can all be done using the same strategies from anywhere around 40 power below. Obviously, the higher you are the better you'll do. But these are all fairly safe approaches to get them done. I'll also revisit all of these on Master later on, but for now I just want to get all of the Legend ones up as that's what people will use most for their own reference. This one I've done on Master though, 70 power under:

PC setup:
MSI MPG Z490 Mobo, i9-10900k CPU, RTX 2080 Super GPU, 64GB DDR4 3200 C16 Ram, 1TB NVMe SSD, 8TB HDD

Keybindings can be seen here:


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