Star Wars Super Episode- New Sky Kids Classics

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Use the force with the Star Wars Kids as they make friends and save the galaxy in this Super Episode from New Sky Kids!
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Star Wars Kids 1 - Young Padawan Learning the Force - Jedi vs Darth Messy Epic Battle

In episode 1 of Star Wars Jedi Kids, a young padawan is learning the ways of the force when the evil Darth Messy comes on the scene. While the young Jedi are using the force for good by doing their chores and cleaning, Darth Messy wants to cause problems by create messes everywhere. What will happen in this epic battle of good vs evil?
Star Wars Kids 2 - The Force Obstacle Course Training

In episode 2 of Star Wars Kids, these Star Wars kid heroes continue to awaken their senses to the Force through a series of games designed to teach them how to grow their abilities with the Force!
Star Wars Kids 3 - The Rescue Mission 1 - Jedi vs Sith

In episode 3 of Star Wars Kids our Jedi heroes are training with their lightsabers when a Sith lord captures their master. The result is an epic battle of Jedi vs Sith and the dark side of the force vs the light side of the force.
Star Wars Kids 4 - Frozen Power - Princess Leia, Obi Wan Kenobi

In episode 4 of Star Wars Kids, Princess Leia helps the ice princess get back her Frozen Tiara
Star Wars Kids 5- Little Jedi vs Darth Emo

In episode 5 of Star Wars Kids - Little Jedi vs Darth Emo, Darth Emo tries to lure the Little Jedi to the Dark Side. Will the light side of the Force be able to withstand?
Star Wars Kids 6 - Rescue Mission Part 2 Kid Jedi vs Kid Sith and The Toy Lightsabers

In episode 6 of Star Wars Kids - Master Faith, Padawan Tren and Padawan Sean try to covert Darth Maladi to the Light Side of The Force.
Star Wars Kids 7 - Han Solo, Chewbacca and Yoda vs Shrink Gun

In episode 7 of Star Wars Kids - Han Solo, Chewbacca and Yoda vs Shrink Gun, Han Solo, Chewbacca and Yoda try to save the Millennium Falcon from the Shrink Gun.
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