✨ the tomboy and the alpha bad boy ✨ GLMM [ ALPHA GACHA LIFE MINI MOVIE ????]

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✨ thank you my dear avocados for all of your support I love you all ✨????????
Roblox: MxlkNtea
Instagram: gach_ntea

If you read the description comment #avacadomilksquad ✨

✨hello there my dear avocado’s ( YES I’m calling my fans and supporters avocados) ! The alpha thing is becoming a trend now ! So I decided to make a new glmm with this title ! The title is original since I decided to add “ bad boy “ in it and the story is kind of different! ✨
The audios DONT belong to me
They belong to their rightful owner ????????
App used: kine master, Ibs paint x, pics art , and video star
Time taken: 1 day ????????
Screenshots 498????
Follow me on instagram at : @gach_Ntea
Here’s a link :
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Guess who’s going to be posting videos everyday today?! ????????????????
How old are you- old enough ????
Where are you from- earth ????
What can we call you ? - you can either call me mallak ( a name that everyone knows me by ) or milk ???? ????
Who inspired you to start making glmm- I just started making them for fun ????✨????
Will you ever quit the GACHA community- NO NEVER !????????????????
What do you want to be when you grow up- a lawyer ✨
What’s your favorite color: purple, green, and black
Who’s your favorite music artist: Billie Eilish I have liked her and listened to her songs for almost 3 years now ! I saved up enough money to go to one of her concerts but it got cancelled due to the coronavirus ????✨
Have you ever been out of America? : yes ! I’ve been to Spain, Morocco,and Paris ????????????
That’s it for today! Stay safe and have a great day/night ????????
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