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The first trailer for Matt Reeves' The nBatman is here, released during the DC FanDome event. A reboot of the character that's unconnected to the recent Ben Affleck version, this Bruce Wayne is played by Robert Pattinson and is still early in his vigilante career. The main villain of the movie will be the Riddler, played by Paul Dano, and Colin Farrell will also feature in the role of Penguin. Production on The Batman had to halt due to the coronavirus pandemic, but fortunately enough was filmed to provide footage for a great first trailer.
Pattinson's portrayal of the caped crusader seems to be even darker and more angsty than Affleck's. Nonetheless, The Batman FanDome trailer sets itself apart from the grand scale of Batman's recent big screen adventures by bringing things right back down to the streets - where horrible murders are taking place. Here's our breakdown of the biggest story and character reveals in The Batman trailer.

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