Toby Young: "120,000 non crime 'hate incidents' in five years"

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Toby Young speaks to Kevin O'Sullivan about the Free Speech Union, telling talkRADIO that it was set up as a membership organisation to campaign for freedom of speech.

The Free Speech Union says if you are mobbed on twitter "we will whip up a counter-mob to sing your praises" adding that in some cases they may be able to provide some pro-bono legal support for people finding themselves in trouble.

Toby highlighted concern over the number of non crime hate incidents in the past five years, "we learned earlier this year that the police in England and Wales over the past five years have investigated 120,000 separate non crime hate incidents."

Criticising political parties he said "I think to a certain extent that activists have captured the parties, so they're in hock to their activists."
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