TOMIOKA VS FATHER!! || GIYU COMES IN CLUTCH || Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 18 Reaction

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TOMIOKA VS FATHER SPIDER DEMON!! || TOMIOKA COMES IN CLUTCH || Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 18 Reaction. In today's Demon Slayer reaction, Hachira Giyu Tomioka saves Inosuke after killing the Father Spider Demon! In episode 18 "A Forged Bond," Tanjiro and Inosuke continue their battle against the Father Spider Demon! However, the two end up getting split up as Father launches Tanjiro across the forest! As Tanjiro breaks his fall, he hears screams in the distance! Tanjiro approaches to find that another demon named Rui has been beating his sister! Tanjiro exclaims that siblings should not harm one another as they have a special bond. However, Rui denies Tanjiro's claims! On the other hand, Inosuke has been continuing his fight with father, but Inosuke cannot hold out much longer as he is gravely injured! However, Inosuke continues his fight, but ends up getting caught in the process! Father grabs Inosuke by his head as he slowly crushes his skull! Insouke accepts the fact that he may die and has memories of his mother! However, at the last second, Giyu Tomioka saves Inosuke after using Water Breathing to kill the demon!

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