Top 10 Weird Marvel What If Stories

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Top 10 Weird Marvel What If Stories
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For those who don’t know the What If stories have become a Marvel staple, specific events have had their own limited series just imagining What If scenarios and we’ve also had a few lengthy and successful run on just one-shot single What If issues themselves. If you’re a DC fan, Marvel What If stories are sort of similar to the wackiness of DC’s Elseworlds. Today on Top 10 Nerd, we bring you our list of the Top 10 Weird Marvel What If Stories.

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Time Codes:
0:00 - Intro
0:16 - What If Jane Foster Had Found the Hammer of Thor?
1:43 - What If the Avengers Were the Last Superheroes on Earth?
3:03 - What If the Gamma Spawned a Thousand Hulks?
3:46 - What If Betty Brant instead had Been Bitten by the Spider?
5:17 - What If Sub-Mariner Never Regained his Memories?
6:21 - What If Iron Man Was Trapped in the Time of King Arthur?
7:13 - What If the Fantastic Four Had Different Superpowers?
8:06 - What If Aunt May was Bitten By The Spider?
9:04 - What if the Fantastic Four All Had the Stretching Powers?
9:55 - What If Thanos Had Changed Galactus into a Human Being?
10:48 - Outro
11:03 - Bloopers

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