TOP 100 Best Tik Tok in Brawl Stars

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One of the best compilations of Tiktok in Brawl Stars!
©️ I own all the copyright for this video!

All videos are made by me and are not taken from Tik Tok, I tried to make videos like Tik Tok but they were not published on Tik Tok.

This video is filmed,edited and posted by me (RedFIRE), thumbnail is made by me!

•Disclaimer for YouTube: All of the content in this video was filmed,edited and is made by RedFIRE. RedFIRE currently has all rights to the content in this video, which is protected by fair use and transformative laws.

•"No copyright infringement intended"
"I do not own the music"
"Made for satirical purposes only, no copyright infringement
Intended "
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