Trollge Incidents/Rage Comics Compilation Part 1

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Trollge: the "weeping god" incident:

Trollge: 14 January "Svogda Town" Incident:

Happy family incident 2012 trollge:

Trollge "The Dimensional Death Incident" (May 13th 2021 Colorized):

The Trollge: 2022 October 23rd 4:23 AM The Nightmare Incident:

Trollge May 14th 2023 "Axe Killer of Maine" incident:

Trollge Incident: "The Plane of Nothing":

How to make friends (trollge):

How to fall asleep quickly (trollge):

March 21, 2897, The “Sterile World” Incident (trollge video):

Trollge: The "Office Worker" Incident:

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