Turbo Air Science Project – Simple Science Experiment – Chatpat toy tv

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Turbo Air Science Project – Simple Science Experiment – Chatpat toy tv

Dosto is Video me maine Unbox kiya hai Turbo air project iss project se apko kuch naya sikhne ko milega ki air pressure kya hota hai iss project me samjhaya gaya hai aur gravity ke bareme bataya gaya hai aur lift force ke bareme bataya gaya hai Dosto apko yeh video kaisi lagi comment me jarur batana Thank You

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Turbo air project teaches important concepts of air pressure, lift force, gravity and force balance. As we know moving air is accompanied by a reduced air pressure. The higher the speed of the moving air, the lower is the air pressure. The ball has a spherical shape. The air closer to the surface of the ball has to travel a greater distance over the circumference in the same time as compared to the air in the jet which just has to move in a straight line. Due to this, the surrounding air is at a lower pressure and it sucks the ball upwards. Close to the nozzle, the speed of the jet is much more. The force of suction by the lowered pressure overcomes the weight of the ball and the ball rises upwards. The ball continues to rise till it reaches a point where two forces are balanced.

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